Are your headlights fogged up? We can clear your vision!

Cloudy headlights that result in dim and ineffective night illumination is hazardous.   Replacing headlamps can be costly with prices ranging from $50 to over $1000 depending on the age and make of the vehicle.  Road Rash Rescue headlight restoration is an alternative to an expensive headlight replacement  and superior to retail restoration kits. Our customers report that the results of store bought systems were temporary and disappointing.  Retail restoration kits clean the film from the headlight surface by wet sanding and using a wax base polishing system to restore the clarity.   We clarify the surface of the lens with a formulated, professional clear coating product that adheres to the lens and hardens to a permanent durable shine that does not yellow.  

And yes, we can shine up headlamps bought at salvage yards.

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