Stone, Paint Chip & Road Rash Restoration

Road Rash Rescue uses chemically engineered products for chip and scrape repair. Our paints excel beyond dealer supplied paint pens or ‘daubers’.  Touch-ups with a dauber pen frequently don’t accurately color match, leave eye-catching mounds, take patience to apply, and often are not permanent.  Our two stage system ensures a satisfying final finish without the noticeable “mole hills” and smears.  We first set a quick dry paint into the stone chip.  We then cover the paint repaired area with a formulated product that removes excess paint, and protects the repair as well as your vehicle’s clear coat. With the Road Rash System your ride is coated with an astonishingly attractive overall shine.

 You will see and feel the difference!!!!

*Our technique does not just cover the chip it fills it to 85%

*Our restoration technique comes at a fraction of the cost of repainting the vehicle

*Increase the sale value of your car $1,000-$2,000

Click on the picture below to see the transformation!