We color match, paint, and repair: gouges, scratches, scrapes, and swirls

Has your vehicle been used to widen your garage door opening? Ever bumped up against a curb, tree, large rock, or another vehicle?  Kids dropped the bike, garden tools, or sports equipment on your car?  Locked the keys in the truck and the coat hanger you used to snag the door knob, scratched the paint?  Used a dirty brush at the car wash and you now have fine scratches and swirls in the clear-coat?  Worst of all – has your ride been “egged” or “keyed”?


We have the materials, equipment, and experience to deal with the range of image restoration services your vehicle requires.  Our range of services include everything from a simple power polish to repairing paint and clear coat – including removing and stabilizing minor rust.(read more about rust here)

 The Road Rash Rescue repair services are the alternative of choice compared to the costs of a full panel repaint job at the body shop.  0ur unique paint repair and clear coating systems allows us to repair small areas of damage without the cost associated with body shop repainting.

We don’t do body work or dents but will repair paint and clear-coat damage. Yes, our paint and clear coat are permanent.  Our system is meant for smaller repairs – if we can’t repair your damage we will refer you to someone who can.  We assess the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs.

 Our estimates and our referrals are FREE.        

*Restore the image at a low cost
*Increase the value of your car
*Experience that “new car” feeling again!

(click the pictures below to see the transformation)

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